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Sketch-Enchanted by AliceAndBlazePwnYou Sketch-Enchanted :iconaliceandblazepwnyou:AliceAndBlazePwnYou 1 3 Rue's Interview Dress by AliceAndBlazePwnYou Rue's Interview Dress :iconaliceandblazepwnyou:AliceAndBlazePwnYou 0 1 Sonny Munroe is a PONY. by AliceAndBlazePwnYou Sonny Munroe is a PONY. :iconaliceandblazepwnyou:AliceAndBlazePwnYou 0 0
Soundless Voice ch. 2
"Hey, Rin?"
Rin looked up at me. She was sitting in a chair and a cocoon of blankets, wrapped up. I was proud to say that I hadn't forced her into them; she'd actually gotten really cold. Normally, it would've been me. "Here," I say, handing her the mug of coffee I had ready. She takes it, but then frowns at me. "What?"
"How do you know that I just wanted to make sure you wouldn't drop it?"
She rolled her eyes at the reference to that night last week. "Becaaaause," she said in a voice that claimed that she was superior to me, "I'm your twin sister. I know when you have more to say, so how about you come out and say it?"
"Fine," I sighed, suddenly serious. I hoped that the magnitude of what she was about to say would hit her. "You do know what day tomorrow is, right?" Rin lifted the mug to her mouth and tilted it back, raising her eyebrows in a question. "Tomorrow is November 18." She blinked, still downing coffee. I rolled my eyes in mock exasperation, but then I looked right in
:iconaliceandblazepwnyou:AliceAndBlazePwnYou 4 2
Braces. D: by AliceAndBlazePwnYou Braces. D: :iconaliceandblazepwnyou:AliceAndBlazePwnYou 0 10 Elise's Profile by AliceAndBlazePwnYou Elise's Profile :iconaliceandblazepwnyou:AliceAndBlazePwnYou 1 8
Let the Games Begin ch. 5
My eyes are squeezed shut, and my teeth are gritted, but that doesn't make it hurt any less when Alasia, the only member of my prep team with half a brain, yanks the hair off of my arm. She gives me a sympathetic look, but it's hard to take her seriously. Her hair has been dyed into a vertical rainbow- an inch of red hair, then orange, et cetera- and her lip has been pierced with an inch-long green metallic bar. "Sorry!" she gasps as I squeak a little bit. "I'm trying! It's almost over!"
Surprisingly, she's the most normal of my prep team. Marcus, who is currently pulling my loose hair into calculated curls, is wearing glasses with inch-thick black rectangular frames around them. He's dressed somewhat businesslike, in a very nice charcoal-colored suit. The only problem with him is that every inch of his skin maches the black in his outfit, hair, and glasses. "Oh, it's fine, Alasia," he says carelessly, wrenching my hair back, nearly out of my head. "Don't be such a drama queen."
:iconaliceandblazepwnyou:AliceAndBlazePwnYou 1 1
Ruka was confused.
Carefully, she pointed the mouse at one of the solitaire cards on the screen, clicked, and dragged. Instantly a window with "GAME OVER" written in all caps popped up. "Urrrrgh!" she moaned, shaking her head. "Solitaire sucks!" She clicked the "OK" button and her unimpressive record stared her in the face: 17 games, 0 wins, 17 losses, 0% won.
"Urrgh!" she moaned again, burying her face in her hands. She was so upset with herself. How was she a Signer, amazing at one card game, and at the same time such a total flop at solitaire? Why was she so awful? And, the most important question of all: why, why did she care so much? She had just stayed up until one o'clock in the morning trying to win. This was bothering her too much.
"Ruka? You okay, sis?" Ruka jumped at the sound of another voice, then whirled around in her chair to face Rua, her twin brother. He was standing in her doorway, rubbing his eyes and staring at the computer screen. Instantly, she blushed, upset that
:iconaliceandblazepwnyou:AliceAndBlazePwnYou 2 1
day 001//
"Akiza, I came up with a new test, and you're going to go through it first." She nodded as they made their way into a strange place in the Arcadia Movement building. She'd never been there before, but it didn't matter. And it was customary for Sayer to test all of his new limits on her, his "most worthy member." They stepped into a stone corridor.
"This one is to make sure you don't crack in a tough spot. It'll only be two or three days, a week at the very most. You'll be provided with food from a generator, and water." He unlocked a door and she stepped inside. The room was somewhat small and cylindrical, with a single window about thirty feet up. "Also, the stones are psychic-proofed so if someone cracks, they can't escape and attack. See you in a few days." The heavy door swung shut, and Akiza laid down on the floor. This didn't seem too bad...
day 008//
"Sayer?" Akiza yelled, leaning against the still-locked door. If she was right, it'd been a week, which wa
:iconaliceandblazepwnyou:AliceAndBlazePwnYou 2 1
He Lies
To him, I'm nothing.
He says he loves me.
(He doesn't.)
To me, he's everything.
I say I love him.
(I do.)
He says he loves me
with his whole heart.
(He doesn't.)
He means he loves me
with a corner of his heart.
(He does.)
I say I hate him
for not loving me more.
(I don't.)
I know he doesn't love me
and I love him anyway.
(I do.)
He'll never love me,
no matter what.
(I'm not her.)
I'll always love him,
no matter what.
(I'm me.)
But I wish I could be her,
so that he would love me.
(He'll never love me.)
:iconaliceandblazepwnyou:AliceAndBlazePwnYou 0 1
She stares down at the handcuffs, entranced by the colors. The dark green muck is strangely brightening. The reflection of her wild brown hair and eyes makes her smile. Her bright white teeth cut through all of the other colors. This is all she has left in a world of gray.
Is this her prize?
The question makes her frown. Is it her prize? Is this her reward for trying to find happiness? She was sitting in jail. Rotting. Not eating. Staring into her handcuffs for something to do.
The line is blurred.
All she had done was try to get love. Then, she could've had her real prize. Her glorious prize. Everything that she could ever want. Could ever need. She could've had it all.
And now she has this.
He would've been her ultimate prize.
Her new prize is dull. Her new prize is monochromatic. Her new prize is scraping her sanity away, little bit by little bit. She knows all of this.
It's beautiful.
And as she sadly smiles through the gray, a single tear splashes down ont
:iconaliceandblazepwnyou:AliceAndBlazePwnYou 1 3
When she leaves, he feels himself break.
He sees the pieces scatter on the floor.
He tries to pick the pieces up.
The pieces aren't real, though.
He's not real anymore.
(Only she is.)
When she leaves, he wonders why.
Why did she have to leave?
Why is he broken so badly?
Why can't he just accept it?
He can't answer the questions, no matter how hard he tries.
So he returns to his little puzzle.
(But the pieces won't fit.)
Then, finally, he figures it out.
Why did she leave?
To make her world right.
(How selfish.)
Why is he broken so badly?
Because he cared for her.
Truly liked her.
(Loved her.)
Why can't he just accept it?
Because he loves her.
He wants her back.
(He needs her back.)
He holds onto that little piece.
The one thing that fit.
The one thing that he wants to keep whole.
The one thing that he needs to keep whole.
Because he'll lose himself without it.
Losing himself would make him lose her.
(He needs it.)
His revelation leaves one question unanswered.
He knows he loves her.
:iconaliceandblazepwnyou:AliceAndBlazePwnYou 1 3
Monster...? by AliceAndBlazePwnYou Monster...? :iconaliceandblazepwnyou:AliceAndBlazePwnYou 3 9
Let The Games Begin ch. 4
After the attendant escorts me into my quarters, I immediately go searching for Len. When we find each other, we embrace, saying every word that we can't say aloud. After a minute, we go to freshen up. I hop into the shower, and am instantly confused by the massive panel of options before me. In the end, I get out, rub water and soap mixed together all over my body, rinse out my hair, and dry off with a fluffy white towel. Once I reenter my room, I see that an outfit has been laid out for me. I pull on the metallic blue short-sleeved tunic, which comes to the tops of my thighs, and the dark black pants. The socks are thick, gray, and warm inside darker gray shoes. I feel comfortable. Then, before I know it, it's time for dinner.
Dinner is the most amazing thing that Len and I have ever seen. The very moment the first soup comes out, I know we're in for a treat. The soup is made of something thick and creamy, but it's dark blue. At first, it looks absolutely disgusting, but then when I
:iconaliceandblazepwnyou:AliceAndBlazePwnYou 0 1
Let The Games Begin ch. 3
The very second we got on the train, I glance at Katniss. She's frowning, deep in thought. "What?" I ask, confused. She had seemed okay earlier. Now, she just shakes her head, like to clear it. "Nothing, Peeta," she murmurs. "Just thinking..." I can tell what she was thinking about. It's the same every year. She's thinking of the tributes she couldn't save. Katniss can't stand being unable to help them. It's a constant self-struggle of hers.
"Well," she says after a second, "time to get started. You go in the next car over. Effie'll get them where they need to go." I nod, hug her tightly, and slide into the next car. A minute later, the front door in the car opens and there's a boy standing there. He looks like a merchant's kid, with his blond hair and blue eyes and fancy clothes, but he's sort of dirty, like he went out into the woods and fell down a dirt bank or something. I already like him.
I motion to a chair that's in the car. "Go on, sit," I say. A Capitol attendant randomly app
:iconaliceandblazepwnyou:AliceAndBlazePwnYou 0 1
She ran.
The girl was running as fast as she could, for reasons she couldn't quite explain. There was somewhere she needed to be, whether or not she knew where it was. So, she ran. It was faster than walking and it was what she needed to do to get there. Wherever there was.
She paid no regard to the fact that her long pink dress was tearing. She paid no regard to the fact that her long green hair was getting snagged on the trees as she ran through the forest. She paid no regard to the fact that her feet were being cut by sticks that poked through her thin stockings. She just wanted to get there.
Finally, she stopped at the edge of the forest. Looking up, there was a massive old abandoned building. Big, black, and forboding. It was one of those places that if you don't keep out, you're an absolute idiot. It was one of those places where you felt sick, where you felt chills run up your spine, then down, then back up again.
But that wasn't the reason that the girl was worried for her safe
:iconaliceandblazepwnyou:AliceAndBlazePwnYou 1 3
Well, I know one thing: I'm not the best.

But I like to think I'm pretty good!

Take a look! And comment/fave as you wish. I LOVE feedback, and I love knowing what people think! :heart:


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United States
:bulletwhite: jessica. jess. one of my rpc names. anything you want to as long as it makes sense.
:bulletblack: thirteen years old. born sept. sixteen, nineteen ninety-seven.
:bulletwhite: female.
:bulletblack: five-foot-five. one hundred twenty-seven lbs. tall and skinny. not very athletic.
:bulletwhite: american. russian. english. german. swedish.
:bulletblack: honor roll middle-school student. based in las vegas, nevada. sin city, baby.

:bulletgreen: drawing anime. drawing klonoa. drawing sonic.
:bulletgreen: writing fanfiction. writing crossovers. writing fantasy. writing historical fiction.
:bulletgreen: listening to vocaloids and vocaloid covers. listening to rock music. listening to cheesy pop. listening to alternative rock music. listening to the radio. listening to comedy.
:bulletgreen: wearing jeans. wearing jackets. wearing slip-on shoes. wearing my hair loose.
:bulletgreen: eating sweet food. eating pasta. eating veggies. eating hot dogs.
:bulletgreen: watching anime. watching phineas and ferb. watching the suite life. watching wizards of waverly place. watching victorious. watching good luck charlie. watching doctor who. watching torchwood. watching yu-gi-oh five-d's.

:bulletred: drawing overly complicated things- i have a very simplistic art style.
:bulletred: writing things i don't understand. writing things that are hard to write for. (i.e. doctor who)
:bulletred: listening to people talk about things i don't care about. listening to jerks. listening to rap. listening to anything long and boring.
:bulletred: wearing anything uncomfortable. wearing dresses. wearing high heels. wearing complicated hairstyles.
:bulletred: eating anything that could get stuck in my braces. eating steak. eating fish. eating sour or bitter foods.
:bulletred: watching jonas l.a. watching hannah montana forever. watching icarly. watching nearly anything else that my sister wants to watch.

:bulletyellow: burns. cockroaches. heights. the cold.







I legitimately cannot remember the password for my new account.

At all.

I would've updated if I could remember. It took way too long for me to realize I remembered this password.

There were like 2000 messages when I logged in. Good God, it's been a long time.

So I'd just like to say I'm sorry I left. I don't know if or when I'll be back. I'm going through a bit of personal... well, I don't know how to say it. It's a bit tricky, me right now, and I don't really know how much I'll be able to be on. (Step one: remember that other friggin' password.)

But I'm alive. And I'm okay. And I'm sorry I left.

xoxo Jess


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